Secure Fisheries Director, Sarah Glaser, and Field Manager, Mustafe Mohamoud, to participate as featured speakers at the World Cold Chain Symposium (Register Now)

Secure Fisheries Speaking at the World Cold Chain Symposium 2021

Secure Fisheries, a program of One Earth Future, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming virtual World Cold Chain Symposium on September 14th, 9-11 A.M. (EST), hosted by The Global Food Cold Chain Council and the United Nations Environment Programme. Experts from around the world will come together to collaborate on how the cold chain can increase food security, reduce food loss and waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sarah Glaser, director of Secure Fisheries, and Mustafe Mohamoud, Field Manager with Secure Fisheries, will be presenting. Establishing cold chain infrastructure in Bander Beyla, Puntland has been an ongoing project of Secure Fisheries in partnership with Carrier Global.

The session “Promoting Sustainable Cold Chain: From Data to Action” will focus on international policies and technology directions related to sustainable cold chain solutions and their contribution to a global environmental and sustainable development agenda.  Several ongoing industry-supported initiatives aimed at innovating the cold chain—through data,tech assessment, technology selection, and best practices—will be discussed.

Secure Fisheries will present their cold chain pilot project based in the state of Puntland. It brings together three essential components: first, fisheries governance through a Cooperative Management Association to produce locally-developed regulations to prevent overfishing and sustain healthy fish stocks; second, community-led data collection to demonstrate the efficacy and profitability of the project while involving fisherfolk in implementation; and third, technological capacity and finance for cold chain equipment from ice boxes to cold rooms to transportation.

Register for the event here.

Learn more about our Secure Fisheries program.

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