International Elections and Leaders: September 2019 Update

OEF Research releases an update on elections and new leaders in every country each and every month. Two key elections are set to be held in the month of September. Tunisia will hold a snap presidential election on September 15th.

Strengthening Maritime Resources To Combat Illegal Fishing In The Indian Ocean Indian Ocean fish stocks have declined in recent years, there has been increased action to combat... more

Global Polling Project
Women, Peace And Security Global Polling Project

Being inclusive of women’s opinions and ideas exponentially increases the probability of successful security-related initiatives, from policing to military action, peacekeeping, and preventing and countering violent extremism.

State of Piracy
State of Piracy 2018 - Assessing the Human Cost

Publication of 2018’s State of Maritime Piracy report marks the ninth year that One Earth Future (OEF) has assessed the human cost of maritime piracy. Over the years, the report has evolved from being first a project of Oceans Beyond Piracy to currently being part of the Stable Seas program.

terrorist activities at sea
Five Ways Terrorists Use the Maritime Domain

The fight against terrorism and criminal networks tends to focus on efforts on land, ignoring the role of the maritime domain.

risk of coup 2019
Annual Risk of Coup Report - 2019

What are the likelihoods for coup events in 2019? A new report from OEF takes an in-depth look. 

diaspora investment opportunities
Investing from Abroad

How can remittances sent home by diaspora communities be channeled into impactful investments in fragile and conflict-affected countries? A new OEF Research paper explores the possibilities.

Peace is Ours Comic Book
Peace is Ours: A Story of Peace and Reconciliation in Colombia

Inspired by real interviews with ex-combatants and FARC guerillas, this graphic novel tells the story of a fictional young couple who attempt to build their lives in the shadow of the Colombian peace process in 2016.