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Robert Sokol
October 20, 2022

Learning How to Transform our Conflicts

No Bigger Challenge, No Bigger Opportunity 
So says Rob Sokol, the new Managing Director of OEF’s eXperimental Negotiation Initiative (xNI). Learn about Rob’s journey to OEF and the vision he is pursuing with William Ury to awaken our innate capacity to transform conflict into creative negotiation.
October 18, 2022

Founding the eXperimental Negotiation Initiative: An OEF Incubation Story

In 2017, as the conflict between the US and North Korea was escalating, the founder of OEF, Marcel Arsenault, partnered with Harvard’s co-founder of the Program for Negotiation, William Ury, to see if there was any way to interrupt the path to the growing potential of a nuclear exchange.