One Earth Future Staff

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  • Bud Rosenthal
    Chief Operating Officer

    Bud Rosenthal

  • Country Director - Somalia

    Mahad Awale

  • Compliance Manager

    Kuzi Charamba

  • Jennifer Faverty
    HR Generalist

    Jennifer Faverty

  • Operations Specialist

    Emily Hoopes

  • Regional Representative - Horn of Africa

    Colonel (Retd) John Steed MBE

  • Senior Fellow & Advisor

    Larry Sampler

  • Senior Fellow

    Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent KCB, CBE

  • Senior Advisor

    Jon Huggins

  • Fellow – External Engagement

    Maureen Connolly



  • VP of Strategy

    Jon Bellish

  • Roberto Chavarria - Program Manager
    Program Manager - Strategy

    Roberto Chavarria

  • Aydin Shahidi
    Program Coordinator

    Aydin Shahidi


New Program Development (Future Labs)

  • Deputy Director

    Chris Bunka

  • Jordan Parsons
    Executive Assistant to the Founder & CEO

    Jordan D. Parsons

  • Sierra Method | Program Specialist
    Program Specialist

    Sierra Method

  • Brenda Gonzalez Santillano - Program Coordinator
    Program Coordinator

    Brenda Gonzalez Santillano


Impact, Learning & Accountability

  • Director

    Lindsay Heger

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

    Lam Huynh

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist - Colombia

    Andrés Siabato

  • Project Specialist

    Sean Duncan



  • Controller

    Angela Weinell

  • Deputy Controller - Colombia

    Luis Castillo

  • Michele Burck
    Accounting Manager

    Michele Burk

  • Senior Accountant

    Camey Smith

  • Accounting Specialist

    Eric Han

  • Accounting Assistant - Colombia

    Lorena Molina




  • Communications Manager

    Timothy Schommer

  • Web Manager

    Michael Stadulis

  • Communications Specialist

    Liz Allen

  • Communications Specialist

    Shanta Farrington


OEF Research

  • Director

    Conor Seyle

  • Senior Research Associate

    Victor Odundo Owuor

  • Research Associate

    Eric Keels

  • Senior Researcher

    Jay Benson

  • Researcher

    Clayton Besaw

  • Researcher

    Matthew Frank

  • Research Assistant

    Dianna E. Almanza

  • Fellow

    John J. Forrer

  • Fellow

    David Cortright

  • Fellow

    Erica Chenoweth

  • Fellow

    Alexandra Amling

  • Fellow

    Andrew Mack

  • Fellow

    Daniel Brian Krupp


Secure Fisheries

  • Director

    Kaija Hurlburt

  • Deputy Director

    Sarah Glaser

  • Field Manager

    Ahmed-Yasin Moge

  • Puntland Field Manager

    Mustafe Mohamed Mohamoud

  • Project Manager

    Mohamed Mohamud Abdullahi

  • Researcher

    Paige Roberts

  • Researcher

    Colleen Devlin

  • Program Specialist

    Laura Burroughs


Stable Seas

  • Director

    Curtis Bell

  • Project Manager

    Maisie Pigeon

  • Researcher

    Meghan Curran

  • Researcher

    Lydelle Joubert



  • Tony Peltz Somali Banking

    Tony Pelz

  • Deputy Director

    Abdikarim Gole

  • Country Director - Somalia

    Mahad Awale

  • Somalia Credit Guarantee Scheme Project Manager

    Abdirahman Abshir

  • Junior Investment Manager

    Deka Aden

  • Office Coordinator

    Asha Ahmed

  • Somalia Credit Guarantee Scheme (SCGS) Project Manager

    Hashim Ali

  • Field Assistant

    Samakab Ahmed Bashir

  • Grant and Administrative Manager

    Hamse Farah

  • Kelsey Frandsen Business Development Shuraako
    Program Specialist

    Kelsey Frandsen

  • Business Development Specialist

    Ahmed Haibe

  • Associate Field Manager - South Central Somalia

    Mohamed Abdi Hashi

  • Field Assistant - South Central

    Nasteha Hassan

  • Sahra Hassan Business Administration and Field Manager
    Field Manager

    Sahra Hassan

  • Junior Investment Manager

    Ismail Ahmed Ismail

  • Somalia Credit Guarantee Scheme Project Manager

    Mukhtar Abdi Ismail

  • Abdirahman Mohamoud Islamic Banking
    Field Manager - Puntland

    Abdirahman Mohamoud

  • Anisa Salat Senior Credit Analyst
    Sr. Credit Analyst

    Anisa Salat


Paso Colombia

  • Juan Fernando Lucio - Director Paso Colombia

    Juan Fernando Lucio

  • Blanca Melba Gómez | Coordinator of Social Innovation
    Coordinator of Social Innovation

    Blanca Melba Gómez

  • Fernando Pieschacón - Communications Officer
    Communications Officer

    Fernando Pieschacón

  • Marta Salazar Jaramillo - Team Leader Paso Colombia
    Team Leader

    Marta Salazar Jaramillo

  • Claudia Aguilar - Team Leader
    Team Leader

    Claudia Aguilar

  • María del Pilar Gómez Information Management Officer
    Information Management Officer

    María del Pilar Gómez


Our Secure Future

  • Director

    Sahana Dharmapuri

  • Project Manager

    Lexie Van Buskirk

  • Project Specialist

    Tara Dillon


Shared Resources

  • Associate Director

    Yezid Campos

  • Administration and Communications Officer

    Maria Camila Diaz Esguerra

  • Community Engagement Officer

    Mario Espinosa Cobaleda


Open Nuclear Network

  • Laura Rockwood - Director of Open Nuclear Network
    Director, Open Nuclear Network

    Laura Rockwood

  • Melissa Hanham WMD Nuclear Expert
    Deputy Director, Open Nuclear Network | Director, Datayo Project

    Melissa Hanham