Luis Carlos Mosquera Mancilla

Accounting Supervisor

Luis Carlos Mosquera Mancilla is a public accountant and lawyer with 25 years of experience in the private and humanitarian sector. His experience includes leading and coordinating the accounting, administration and finance areas of social and humanitarian development programs, and leading the design and implementation of planning, monitoring and evaluation processes for social programs. Luis has knowledge and skills in the planning and management of social research projects, the design and implementation of programs, and the monitoring and evaluation of financial and risk audit plans for programs and projects financed by USAID and the European Community.  He also has experience in the monitoring and evaluation of project plans, programs and social projects, quality management systems, and quality auditing, as well as the management of labor legislation and general pension systems. Luis is affiliated with the Institue of Internal Auditors of Colombia..

Before joining One Earth Future, Luis worked at World Vision International as Senior Financial Auditor for 5 years and after that, as Financial Coordinator and Financial Manager for 13 years. In his spare time he likes to practice the sport of soccer and he was a member of the Buenaventura team for 3 years. He also likes to read and write about social problems that help reflection, with his love of God as the main source of his inspiration. He has two brothers, whom he loves very much.