Annual Report

2020 Annual Report - Moving the Needle Toward Peace

OEF is committed to incubating peacebuilding and peacemaking programs to address the world’s toughest conflicts. We’re more serious than ever about the world actually getting to peace. And we understand that doing so will require a renewed and expanded obsession with both partnership and empirically-proven effectiveness at scale. Over the next three years, we plan to double down on these efforts to dramatically increase our reach and impact, proving our models further by doing it, systematically and with partners. Here’s how...

This means continuing to utilize OEF’s endowment as core support while increasing our levels of partnership with private donors and governments who are interested in collaborating with us to scale the proven impact our programs have demonstrated.

One Earth Future’s most significant impacts have been in working at the intersections of livelihoods and peace, building local to national governance networks, innovating in the field of Track 1.5 diplomacy, and strengthening the Women, Peace & Security (WPS) movement.  Having acknowledged in 2020 that our comparative advantage in our large and diverse field does not lie in pure policy analysis, we reduced OEF Research, folded our data science and forecasting team into the Open Nuclear Network, and have handed off our Stable Seas program to a new institutional home.


Our most significant impacts toward peace have been at the intersections of livelihoods, local-to-national governance networks, Track 1.5 diplomacy innovations, and Women, Peace & Security initiatives. ”

2020 Financials

  1. Grassroots Peacebuilding
  2. Internal | $4.8M
  3. External | $2.2M
  4. High Level Peacemaking
  5. Internal | $2.3M
  6. External | $63.5K
  7. Evidence-Based Practice
  8. Internal | $2.3M
  9. External | $231.9K
  1. Program Expenditure | $11.9M
  2. Overhead Expenditure | $2.6M
  1. PASO Colombia | $3.81M
  2. Shuraako | $2.26M
  3. Open Nuclear Network | $1.78M
  4. Our Secure Future | $1.18M
  5. Secure Fisheries | $1.01M
  6. Stable Seas | $934.7K
  7. XNI | $555.3K
  8. Forecasting | $134.3K


Key 2020 Scaling Partners




2020 Program Incubation & Impact

  1. Catalyzed New Markets
  2. Enabled New Livelihoods
  3. Measurably Increased Social Trust
  4. Proved Evidence of Scalable Model, Serving 4,000 Colombians
  1. Doubled Direct Investment for Somali Entrepreneurs to $18m
  2. Added $5m in Technical Assistance
  3. Provided Emergency Covid Relief
  4. Enabling Jobs & Economic Growth
  1. Engineered Open Source Data Tool to Reduce Nuclear Risk
  2. Built Diverse Team of Analysts
  3. Catalyzed Network of Diplomats
  4. Established Office in Vienna, Austria
  1. Established WPS Congressional Caucus
  2. Provided Technical Assistance to Policy Makers
  3. Established Office in Washington D.C.
  1. Pioneered Local-to-National Governance Linkages
  2. Established Skill-building School in Somaliland
  3. Piloted First Nation-wide Data Collection
  1. Codifying World Class Negotiation Practices
  2. Hosted First Training Cohort


Farewell to Stable Seas | A Tribute: Five Years of Sustained Impact To Date

At the end of April 2021 OEF’s Stable Seas program, in line with our approach to incubation, took on a life of its own to become an independent foundation, maintaining its focus on maritime security and continuing to work with stakeholders in the maritime sector around the world.