OEF Hosts Co-Creation Workshop for Youth Empowerment Hosted in Hargeisa

OEF hosts a groundbreaking co-creation workshop focusing on youth empowerment in the fisheries, livestock, and agricultural sectors. This event is a step toward laying the groundwork for a more prosperous and inclusive future by providing a platform for collaboration and innovation.

The event aimed to foster dialogue and develop actionable strategies to enhance skill sets, stimulate sustainable economic growth, and ensure inclusive participation across these vital industries.

Ahmed Haibe, a Youth Specialist with Secure Fisheries tells us the overall goal of this gathering was to brainstorm, discuss, and develop strategies to enhance employee ability and stimulate sustainable economic growth while promoting inclusive participation in various sectors.

Participants engaged in robust discussions, addressing the challenges faced by the youth in these sectors, including market access and opportunities for growth. Muna Ahmed Omer, Country and Programs Lead at Innovate Ventures, shared her insights on the workshop’s impact. She says they discussed challenges as well as opportunities to build a better future for themselves and the community.

The workshop is seen as a significant step towards empowering the next generation of leaders in Hargeisa’s primary economic sectors.