Empowering Coastal Communities

Secure Fisheries Leads Workshop to Implement Spiny Lobster Management Measures

Bander Beyla, Puntland - Secure Fisheries, in collaboration with the Fisheries Co-management Association, is taking significant steps to protect the valuable Spiny lobster fishery in the Bander Beyla district and surrounding coastal communities. The joint effort aims to develop and implement effective lobster management measures to ensure the fishery's sustainability while preserving the marine ecosystem.

The Spiny lobster fishery has long been a crucial economic driver for Bander Beyla and the broader Puntland Coastal region. However, concerns have arisen over the past decade due to declining lobster catches and reduced average lobster size, raising potential overfishing issues. In response to this challenge, coastal communities partnered with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) to create a comprehensive management plan that balances sustainable fishing practices with economic livelihoods.

Since 2019, Secure Fisheries has played a vital role in establishing a cooperative fisheries management system, known as co-management, in Bander Beyla. This approach fosters collaboration between local resource users and government authorities, ensuring fair governance of fisheries resources through participatory planning and improved communication with government agencies.

A pivotal consultation workshop held in August 2021 set the stage for fisheries management planning discussions. Subsequent consultations and awareness-raising sessions within the Bander Beyla community, organized by Secure Fisheries, led to a unanimous decision to prioritize the Spiny lobster fishery, recognizing its crucial role in supporting livelihoods and contributing significantly to Puntland's economy.

In response to this decision, a Fisheries Management Unit was established under the Fisheries Co-management Association. The unit is tasked with overseeing and implementing the lobster management measures plan.

A recent workshop conducted on 15th July 2023 equipped unit members with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively implement the management measures during the upcoming fishing season. Key components of the plan include enforcing a minimum size restriction of 6.0 cm carapace length and prohibiting the use of plastic/monofilament nets to enhance sustainable lobster harvesting. 

The commitment and dedication of all stakeholders involved in this conservation effort are commendable. By fostering collaboration between the community and the government, the successful implementation of the lobster management measures holds the promise of a thriving and sustainable lobster fishery in Bander Beyla and beyond.