Secure Fisheries Meets with the Somali Federal Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy

On December 20th and 21st of 2022, the Secure Fisheries Somalia team met with the Federal Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, including Minister Ahmed Hassan, the Director General, the ministerial technical team, and other senior bureaucrats.

The Minister requested the meeting to learn more about Secure Fisheries’ work in the region after hearing so much about it. The Secure Fisheries team had the opportunity to present an overview of the various projects the program facilitates in the Somali region, including cooperative management, national fisheries data collection, cold chain infrastructure development, and areas where Secure Fisheries seeks to expand. 

The Minister expressed an interest in working with Secure Fisheries to improve the livelihoods of the coastal fishers and effectively manage Somali marine resources. The Ministry is expecting donor support for projects in Somalia, from institutions such as the World Bank, and they see a possible role for Secure Fisheries as a project implementer. Secure Fisheries director Ahmed-Yasin Moge underscored the commitment of Secure Fisheries to work closely with the Ministry of Fisheries with regard to fisheries management, marine conservation, and policy and framework development. The meeting was a success and helped to strengthen ties between the two institutions committed to enabling an environment for sustainable development of Somali fisheries and the communities who depend upon them.