Sweet Success

Yahye Bakery and Sweets in Hargeisa embarks on a transformative journey.

Yahye Bakery and Sweets in Hargeisa embarks on a transformative journey propelled by strategic investment from One Earth Future’s Shuraako program. Abdi Khadar Mohamed Osman, the General Manager, tells us about some of the significant milestones achieved through this partnership.

 "At our inception, Yahye Bakery and Sweets introduced a novel concept to the market, but financial constraints hindered our progress. Fortunately, the Shuraako program recognized our potential and selected us for participation in the Working Progress project." 

 The Working Progress project, in collaboration with partners like Oxfam International, provided invaluable capacity-building training for Yahye Bakery and Sweets' technical staff. Abdi says, "This training elevated our team's skills, enabling them to operate modern machinery efficiently, which was crucial for our expansion." 

 Moreover, he says the project introduced a streamlined financial management system, revolutionizing the company's operations. "With Shuraako's support, we modernized our financial processes, ensuring transparency and efficiency, which laid the foundation for sustainable growth." 

 In addition to capacity-building, Shuraako facilitated vital investment for Yahye Bakery and Sweets. Abdi told me, "This investment was a game-changer. It allowed us to acquire state-of-the-art machinery and expand our production capabilities significantly. We invested in packaging machines, toaster ovens, and flour milling machines, enabling us to meet the burgeoning market demand. 

 He then talked about how the investment also fueled infrastructure development."Shuraako's investment not only accelerated our growth but also enhanced our operational efficiency and market reach."  This included the purchase of distribution vehicles and the construction of warehouse and production facilities and allowed for product diversification. "We diversified our product range from just a handful to over forty items, catering to diverse consumer preferences. This expansion not only bolstered our market presence but also solidified our reputation as a leading provider of quality baked goods." Abdi adds, "This wouldn't have been possible without Shuraako's strategic investment, which catalyzed our journey towards becoming a national household name." 

 Abdi ended the interview by saying, "Shuraako's investment wasn't just financial; it was a catalyst for change, empowering us to realize our full potential and contribute meaningfully to our community's economic development." 

 Yahye Bakery and Sweets' success story exemplifies the profound impact of strategic investment in fostering sustainable growth and empowerment, setting a precedent for other aspiring entrepreneurs in Somaliland and beyond.