In the Somali region, One Earth Future’s vision for peace is carried out by catalyzing economic development to improve quality of life and hope about the future, mobilizing resources to build institutions, markets and livelihoods to help prevent war and foster lasting peace and stability.

The Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund (The Nordic Fund) mobilizes capital investments to small, medium and large Somali businesses to stimulate job creation and the expansion of a formalized and more responsible private sector.

The Nordic Fund is a proven model for investing in fragile states, fostering economic stability, sustainable growth, and job creation.

Combining a strong local presence with deep business expertise, our Somalia-based team creates access to high quality investment opportunities throughout the region witha uniquely rigorous and innovative process.

With emphasis on women-owned businesses, and job creation for youth, and catalyzing investment in key sectors of growth, the innovative Nordic Fund provides sharia-compliant loans to Somali businesses and entrepreneurs through a unique collaboration between international investors and the Somali private sector.

The Fund creates high-impact opportunity for investors and Somali entrepreneurs to work together to transform the Somali economy.

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Data as of September 30, 2022


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The Nordic Fund lends across 10 key sectors of growth and development in the Somali region in order to catalyze improved quality of life through permanent job creation, food security, access to clean water, and the use of clean energy.


to the manufacturing sector.
to renewable energy.
to eight other sectors including agriculture, fishing, water and sanitation.

About Our Entrepreneurs

Lending across the Somali region in order to foster economic growth, create jobs, and promote stability and peace, explore the entrepreneurs we support below.

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Investment Criteria
(subject to change)

  • Business must be based in the Somali region
  • Borrowers must have at least a one year operating track record and be involved in a business sector that is not under embargo as published and amended from time to time by the United Nations, European Union and United States
  • May apply for loans ranging from USD $50,000 to USD $1.21 million and must contribute a minimum - 10% for female owned businesses and 20% for male owned businesses - of the total project value
  • Are issued funds under a sharia-compliant debt finance agreement, highly unique based on markup and duration, with a financing term of up to 5 years
  • Are required to pledge minimum collateral of 1.5 to 2.0x extended capital
  • Current markup is 6.5% per annum* except for women owned businesses, productive sectors (fisheries & agriculture), and loans less than USD $150k, which are charged 5%