AADCO Paper Factory

Founded in 2013, AADCO Paper Factory (“AADCO”) is a paper factory based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. AADCO manufactures exercise books and A4 printing paper. It has grown its paper factory from 18 staff (2013), producing 1,000 cartons of A4 printing paper and 3,600 cartons of exercise books, to 52 staff (2017), producing 10,239 cartons of A4 printing paper and 36,060 cartons of exercise books.

In 2018, AADCO was approved for additional funding through the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund. These funds are being used to expand AADCO's manufacturing capacity through the construction of an additional building within its current facility. The NHAOF investment is also supporting AADCO in introducing new products, such as University notebooks, and reducing the company’s dependence on imported color print covers. AADCO prides itself on creating and sourcing materials locally, unlike the majority of its competitors, and 90% of AADCO's sales are within Somaliland. The investment from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund is allowing AADCO to fortify and increase its local impact, creating jobs and high-quality products in local markets.


Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2013
Project Sector: Manufacturing
Employees: 62