Al Baraka Mixed Farm

Al Baraka Mixed Farm (“Al Baraka”; “the Farm”) is a commercial farm producing vegetables, fruit, and camel milk outside of Garowe. The Farm sources pesticides and insecticides locally, and its customers are local vendors in Garowe and surrounding cities. At the time of request, Al Baraka was distributing water manually to its crops due to lack of an irrigation system.

In August 2021, the Farm was approved for a loan from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund to drill a borehole, purchase a water tank, and install an irrigation system that will run on solar power. Though Al Baraka already uses one borehole, the pump is powered by diesel, of which the Farm hopes to reduce its usage. Furthermore, the loan will help Al Baraka purchase additional lactating camels, as camel milk accounted for 11% of its revenue in 2020. With these additions to the farm, Al Baraka hopes to produce higher quality products in higher quantities to meet the current demand of its customer base.


Enterprise Size: Micro
Year Founded: 2013
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 12