Dalsan Farms Company

Dalsan Farms Company (Dalsan) is a woman-owned enterprise established in 2018. Dalsan produces and sells cash crops and camel milk to local markets in Burao. The staff farms 100 hectares of land and milks 26 camels. Dalsan prides itself on its participation in the small group of local farms that produce fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk in Somaliland, where much of the market is both expensive and imported.

In June 2021, Dalsan was approved for a Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund loan. The funds are being used to purchase 26 more lactating camels, additional land and seedlings, and begin construction on a dam. This financing means more crop and milk production for the farm, allowing Dalsan to further invest in the local economy through additional purchases of seeds and fertilizer. The funds will also assist Dalsan in continuing to meet the immense demand for fresh produce and milk in Burao.


Enterprise Size: Micro
Year Founded: 2018
Project Sector: Agribusiness, Women's Initiative
Employees: 10