Green Paradise Hotel

Green Paradise Hotel (“the Hotel”) is a woman-owned, budget-friendly hotel established in 2011 in the Green Zone area of Mogadishu. The Hotel boasts two ballrooms, a modest gym, an in-house restaurant, and plenty of outdoor seating. During peak season, the Hotel, which has 25 rooms, operates at 100% capacity.

In July 2021, the Hotel was approved for a loan from the Nordic Horn of Opportunities Fund. The business will use the investment to make upgrades to the current building’s ballrooms and expand to a second location within the Green Zone. Additionally, the Hotel will be purchasing two armored vehicles to transport guests outside of the Green Zone. The Hotel plans to establish a vehicle rental service with this purchase. Finally, the Hotel will be using funds from the investment to procure additional security cameras. These upgrades will allow Green Paradise Hotel to keep up with its growing demand among international organizations and government agencies.


Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2011
Project Sector: Hospitality, Women Initiative
Employees: 53