Hill Development and Construction Company

Hill Development and Construction Company was established in 2018 with the objective of providing quality commercial buildings and affordable housing in Somaliland. As of January 2022, the company built more than 30 structures in Hargeisa. Hill Development and Construction Company is a leader in building technology, creating 3D renderings of proposed projects, and constructing stronger walls to account for the soft soil that leads to cracking walls in many buildings in the region.

 Hill Development and Construction Company hopes to increase the number of projects they take on for their consumer base, which consists of government agencies, private companies, and individuals. With an investment from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund, the company plans to purchase machinery, spare parts, formwork, tools, raw materials, and transportation to help fulfill this goal.


Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2018
Project Sector: Construction
Employees: 92