Founded in 2003, National Energy Corporation of Somalia (“NECSOM”) is one of the largest electricity and energy providers in Somalia. It was established as a small, fuel-generated enterprise and has since grown to have a 4.9MW capacity, with hybrid fossil fuel and green energy production. Since its establishment, NECSOM has been a reliable source of power for households, government institutions, international organizations, public services, mosques, and businesses in Somalia.

The company aims to contribute to the economic development of Somalia by addressing gaps that hold back Somalia’s energy sector. In 2019, the company sought to increase its electrical power supply to support its goal of extending services to communities in both coastal and inland rural towns via electrical mini-grids. Through a loan from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund, NECSOM was able to procure a solar system, thereby increasing its power generation and supply capacity by 1MW.


Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2003
Project Sector: Renewable Energy