Yustan Seafood Processing

Yustan Seafood Processing (“Yustan Seafood”) is a fish processor and wholesaler. They are the largest Somali fishery exporter to Ethiopia, with cold chain storage facilities in two cities and a network of vendors in four regions. Yustan Seafood owns and operates two small fishing boats to catch tuna, four cold-transport trucks, and obtaining a certification to transport fish to markets in Southeast Asia via air transport.

Before seeking a loan from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund, Yustan Seafood relied heavily on the catch from local fishermen and did not operate its own commercial fishing boat. This hampered the company’s ability to increase the volume of their fish supply and scale their operations.

With the funds supplied from the loan, Yustan Seafood is procuring a 70-ton commercial boat, fishing equipment, a crew of fishermen and captains, and training for the crew to operate the boat and equipment. These additions will help Yustan Seafood to increase their supply chain and reach a larger consumer base.


Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2015
Project Sector: Fishing