Ahmed-Yasin Moge

Director Secure Fisheries

Ahmed-yasin graduated from Kampala University with a Master’s degree in Development Studies, and he has a post-graduate diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies from Hargeisa University. He also holds a diploma in Community Based Development from Premese Institute in Nairobi. Prior to joining Secure Fisheries, Ahmed-yasin spent ten years working in humanitarian and development sectors. He has worked for Handicap International, the Danish Refugee Council, Oxfam GB, and Oxfam Novib. His work has focused on building community resilience through the promotion of fishery sector development and providing opportunities to vulnerable communities for poverty eradication. With Oxfam Novib, Ahmed-yasin was the fisheries lead on an EU-funded project aimed at building and strengthening the capacity of the ministries of Fisheries and Marine Resources as well as private fisheries institutions in Somalia (Puntland and Somaliland) to sustainably manage coastal fisheries.