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How brain biases prevent climate action

“Humans are very bad at understanding statistical trends and long-term changes,” says political psychologist Conor Seyle, director of research at One Earth Future Foundation, a programme incubator that focuses on fostering peace long-term.

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Satellite images reveal activity at North Korean rocket facility

Because that (Sanumdong) facility produces both ICBMs and space rockets, we don't know what's on the train," said Melissa Hanham, a North Korea expert with the One Earth Future Foundation. "We also don't know how far the train has gotten."

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Activity At 2nd North Korean Missile Site Indicates Possible Launch Preparations

"According to Planet imagery, I can definitely say the train has left the station," says Melissa Hanham, a North Korea expert with the One Earth Future Foundation. "But I can't unfortunately use X-ray vision to see what's on the train and tell whether it's a civilian space launch vehicle or a military ICBM."

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The Guardian

North Korea must give up all nuclear weapons before any sanctions relief, says US

“The fact that both facilities are active at the same time suggests that there are preparations for a new launch, but it is impossible to tell what they are going to launch,” said Melissa Hanham, a North Korea expert at the One Earth Future foundation.

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The Daunting Challenge of Shutting Down North Korea's Nuclear Complex

“There are more facilities that we don’t know about,” Melissa Hanham, a non-proliferation expert and director of the One Earth Future Foundation’s Datayo Project. “Regardless of what happens in Hanoi, we will be living with a nuclear North Korea.”

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How to Tell If Trump's Second Summit With Kim Jong Un Is a Success

“I’m definitely interested in constructive action that limits or stops the amount of fissile material that North Korea can produce,” said Melissa Hanham, a director at the One Earth Future Foundation. “But this will just be a piece of paper unless it’s implemented, and I don’t think a handshake will carry it through.”

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India-Pakistan Border Tensions

An observation from Melissa Hanham, a director at Datayo (which curates nuclear weapons datasets at One Earth Future) and affiliate at Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation: "India is the first nuclear power to strike another nuclear power with conventional weapons".

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the Washington post

Trump-Kim summit: From Yongbyon site to sanctions, what each side may bring to the table

But the devil will be in the details, argues Melissa Hanham of the One Earth Future foundation: Which facilities would North Korea offer to close, what access would inspectors get, and would any closure be permanent and essentially irreversible? The main reactor at Yongbyon has been shut down twice before under previous deals, but North Korea’s nuclear program has started up again later. This time the United States would want a more robust closure.

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How states rocked by conflict could harness funds from their diasporas

But new research we’ve conducted, which focuses on several African states – among them Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire and Ethiopia – suggests there may be an alternative funding source that nations could harness during times of crisis: diaspora investment

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The Economist

Charting the course for ocean sustainability in the Indian Ocean Rim

Secure Fisheries’ Sarah Glaser was interviewed and quoted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in a report on the importance of considering gender in fisheries development: “When big industry comes in, often women take the hit, as women who work in small-scale fisheries sub-sectors such as processing and marketing are displaced by men or foreign workers brought in to work in these industrial operations.”

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