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How bonds aimed at the diaspora can raise crucial funds for Africa

There are a wide variety of factors that determine the success of a diaspora bond, but as a report by OEF Research points out, these features largely fall into two categories.

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The Economist

West Africa has become the world’s piracy hotspot

A recent report by One Earth Future, an NGO, says that the region experienced more incidents of piracy last year than anywhere else in the world.

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West Africa quickly becoming a global piracy hotspot

Just over a week ago, One Earth Future published their annual Stable Seas program report detailing the state of global maritime piracy for the 9th year. Surprising findings include the fact that for the first year the Western Indian Ocean reported no hijackings including Somania, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

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The Economist

The Gulf of Guinea is now the world’s worst piracy hotspot

A fifth of the world’s commercial shipping passes through the Gulf of Aden, a body of water flanked by failed states—Somalia and Yemen. In 2011 the imbreported 236 attempted attacks. The pirates were raking in an average of almost $5m in ransom per ship, according to One Earth Future (oef), an ngo.

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Rescuing multilateralism

The One Earth Future foundation notes, for example, that: “the African continent will be forced to face negative challenges with negative AI” due to weak governments and social divisions. In this context, European efforts to establish multilateral rules for technology governance may appeal to other actors that lack the capacity to manage the problems that arise from innovation by themselves.

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West Africa Is Becoming The World's New Piracy Hotspot

One Earth Future released its ninth annual State of Maritime Piracy report on Monday which shows incidents of hijacking, kidnapping, robberies and boarding attempts in different maritime regions.

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U.S. And Iran Disagree Over Whether Drone Was Shot Down Over Iranian Territory

Melissa Hanham is a specialist on satellite imagery and open-source data with One Earth Future, which follows peace and security issues. She says both sides have a strong initiative to get ahead of the story in order to win public support.

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BBC News

Piracy in West Africa: The world's most dangerous seas?

One Earth Future, which produces an annual State of Maritime Piracy, says that while attacks have been falling substantially in some regions of the world, in West Africa they've been on the rise and are now more frequent than anywhere else.

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Is Sudan's revolution dead?

In this episode, we'll discuss Sudan's future and potential next steps for the popular uprising. Under what circumstances will the military share or give power to a civilian government? Join the conversation.

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Why Sudan’s deadly crackdown on protesters could escalate in coming weeks

As scholars of armed conflict, we believe that such reforms are likely to be put on hold following this episode of government repression. The findings from our forthcoming research on coups around the world suggest that this state-sponsored brutality may just be the start of a more deadly crackdown.

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