artifical intelligence lending africa
Artificial Intelligence Could Aid in Unlocking Access to Capital for Somali Businesses

New research by One Earth Future identifies the potential for artificial intelligence to improve lending practices in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Threat similarities between nuclear weapons and COVID-19
Nuclear Risk Reduction and COVID-19: What One Existential Threat Can Teach Us About Another

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, competing international security priorities including arms control, nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, are taking a back seat. The delayed response to COVID-19 suggests some troubling analogies to the current state of affairs in the nuclear arena.

Women stop growing coca crops in Colombia
New Video Series Presents Stories of Women Seeding Peace in Colombia

In a new eight week video series, “Women Seeding Peace: Life After Coca Crops,” One Earth Future Foundation’s PASO Colombia program presents the compelling stories of women who have courageously transformed their own lives and livelihoods to help put their communities on a path toward a more... more

stable seas examines maritime insecurity and violence in the gulf of guinea
New Research Examines Opportunities for Improving Maritime Security in West Africa

A new report by One Earth Future Foundation’s Stable Seas program explores the connections between crime and insecurity in the maritime domain and instability onshore in the Gulf of Guinea, one of the world’s more complex maritime security environments.

59% of respondents did not think that the people making U.S. foreign policy decisions shared their beliefs and interests
What Do Americans Think About a US Feminist Foreign Policy Agenda?

In a recent poll by One Earth Future Foundation's Women, Peace and Security initiative, less than 50% of respondents thought women are sufficiently represented in the U.S. government among foreign policy and national security decision makers.

Alternatives to Cocaine Farming - Colombia
Plan for the Replacement of Illegal Crops Provides Sustainable Future for Colombian Farmers

PASO Colombia and the UN support 1,967 farmers in the substitution of illegal crops, providing legal crop alternatives and access to markets.

Loans and Business in War Torn Somalia
New Report Shows Access to Capital is Key to Business Growth in Somalia

A new report shows that increased access to capital plays the largest role in increasing business revenues in fragile countries like Somalia.

Peace Women
OEF Celebrates Women Seeding Peace Across Our Global Communities

It is well documented that women are critical participants in all aspects of society and positive social change. Every day, One Earth Future’s work orchestrating peacebuilding programs around the world is being led by women who are dedicated to solving complex problems at the root of conflict.... more