cargo ship from above IMO World Maritime Day
Better Shipping Starts with Stronger Maritime Security

On this World Maritime Day, OEF highlights the tie between shipping and maritime security. 

catching maritime criminals report
Catching Maritime Criminals: A Whole of Government Approach

Based on the Caught Red-Handed workshops, co-chaired by Secure Fisheries and the UNODC, with support from US Naval Forces Africa, this new brief discusses the importance of interagency... more

somali coastal development opportunities fisheries
New Report on Somali Coastal Resources Development Opportunities

Interest in the Somali fishing sector is growing. Development agencies, donors, and investors see the potential for fisheries in Somali waters to provide income, food security, and stability in coastal communities.

zimbabwe election updates
Tracking International Elections and Leaders: July 2018

Every month, OEF Researchers track leadership and election changes around the world. This month's looks at changes in Zimbabwe, Mexico, Pakistan and more. 

bog roundup OEF peace
Latest Blogs: Examining Maritime Security, Women’s Engagement, and State Leadership Change


African security norms research
African Actors Leading the Way

Southern African regions are increasingly shaping global norms around security. A recent blog series by OEF Research explores these. 

collage women security participation
Why Include Women in Peace and Security? Because it’s Effective


There has been a growing call for the need for women’s participation in all aspects of society- yet often this call focuses only on the gaps that currently exist- rather than on the impact of involving women.

2018 International Day of the Seafarer
Resilient by Nature: Addressing Seafarer Behavioral Health

Ninety percent of the world’s goods are transported across the oceans by 1.5 million seafarers. It’s a tough and dangerous job. Isolation, stress, and accidents are some of the hardships that come with the profession.