Stable Seas Sulu Celebes Seas report
New Report Identifies Key Links Between Illicit Maritime Activities in the Sulu and Celebes Seas


Just the Facts- annotated bibliography on women, peace and security
New Annotated Bibliography Highlights Just the Facts of Women, Peace and Security

How does implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda make international peace and security efforts more effective?

International Elections and Leaders: January 2019 Update

OEF Research releases an update on elections and new leaders in every country each and every month.

women aquaculture
What's the Catch? Aquaculture and Women's Economic Empowerment

Can aquaculture help women in Lake Victoria? A new brief by Secure Fisheries explores.

Fish wars report cover Tanzania
New Report on Fish Wars

Secure Fisheries, a program of OEF, released a new report of original research on fisheries conflict, examining causes and consequences of conflict in Tanzania. 

cargo ship from above IMO World Maritime Day
Better Shipping Starts with Stronger Maritime Security

On this World Maritime Day, OEF highlights the tie between shipping and maritime security. 

catching maritime criminals report
Catching Maritime Criminals: A Whole of Government Approach

Based on the Caught Red-Handed workshops, co-chaired by Secure Fisheries and the UNODC, with support from US Naval Forces Africa, this new brief discusses the importance of interagency... more

somali coastal development opportunities fisheries
New Report on Somali Coastal Resources Development Opportunities

Interest in the Somali fishing sector is growing. Development agencies, donors, and investors see the potential for fisheries in Somali waters to provide income, food security, and stability in coastal communities.