Human Cost of Somali Piracy 2011

The latest version of the joint study by Oceans Beyond Piracy and the International Maritime Bureau was launched at the International Maritime Organization’s headquarters in London on June 22, 2012, and details the plight of seafarers at the hands of Somali pirates.

Key Findings

The report is a combination of information provided by the signatory states to the Declaration Condemning Acts of Violence Against Seafarers, the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP), and data compiled by OBP. 

  • 3,863 seafarers were fired upon by Somali pirates with assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades
  • 968 seafarers came into close contact with pirates, who managed to board their vessels
  • 413 seafarers were rescued from citadels
  • 1,206 hostages were held captive by Somali pirates
  • 555 seafarers were taken hostage in 2011; 645 hostages were captured in 2010 and remained captive during 2011; 6 tourists and aid workers were kidnapped on land
  • 35 hostages died as a result of pirate captivity in 2011
  • Average length of captivity was 8 months