Powering Progress: The Potential Of Renewable Energy In Somalia

This report describes the evolving landscape of energy in the country and outlines the burden of limited electricity services and extremely high tariffs on households, businesses, and the environment.

Key Findings

Affordable access to electricity is a critical issue for economic growth and stability in Somalia.

The durability and strength of the Somali recovery depend on securing the basic infrastructure, such as affordable electricity services. Investments in renewable energy can dramatically improve Somalis’ access to electricity. The growing number of renewable energy projects demonstrates the viability of investments in renewable energy. As the overall Somali economy develops, more companies and households will need access to electricity, which underscores the potential of the market. Addressing the challenges that constrain the energy sector, such as lack of policies and regulation as well as deficiencies in technical capacity, are onerous tasks but such efforts will facilitate investment and promote economic growth and good governance