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Laura C. Burroughs
March 08, 2018

Gender Mainstreaming

This document describes how Secure Fisheries incorporates gender into our work, explains women’s roles and challenges in the fisheries se...
Tim Cashion
Sarah M. Glaser
Lo Persson
Paige M. Roberts
Dirk Zeller
January 01, 2018

Fisheries in Somali Waters

In this report, we update our report Securing Somali Fisheries with new estimates of fish catch by domestic and foreign vessels in Somali...
Curtis Bell
Ben Lawellin
Alexandra Amling
Jay Benson
Sasha Egorova
John Filitz
Maisie Pigeon
Paige Roberts
May 01, 2017

Stable Seas: Somali Waters

This report shows how complex issues like illegal fishing, coastal violence, and human trafficking intersect to create a uniquely insecur...