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October 05, 2012

A Market Analysis for Honey Production in Somalia

This market analysis identifies factors influencing the profitability of the honey industry in Somalia, using a framework for analysis based on Michael Porter’s “five forces model” with the introduction of a sixth set of forces comprising complements that support the market segment.
Kaija Hurlburt
June 22, 2012

Human Cost of Somali Piracy 2011

The latest version of the joint study by Oceans Beyond Piracy and the International Maritime Bureau was launched at the International Maritime Organization’s headquarters in London on June 22, 2012, and details the plight of seafarers at the hands of Somali pirates.
Robert Haywood
Roberta Spivak
April 19, 2012

Maritime Piracy

Maritime Piracy is now a pressing global issue, and this work seeks to provide a concise and informative introduction to the area. Never truly having receded into a romanticized past, seaborne banditry’s rapid growth was stimulated by low risks and increasingly high rewards. Currently, obsolete, inc...
Anna Bowden
February 02, 2012

Economic Cost of Somali Piracy 2011

In 2011, Somali pirates attacked 237 ships and successfully hijacked 28. Piracy impacts multiple stakeholders, none more so than the seafarers attacked, held hostage, or killed.
Maisie Pigeon
January 01, 2012

Introduction to Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs)

As the safety of ships, their crews, and cargo are increasingly put at risk of pirate attack, there has been a related spike in private counter piracy defense teams on board vessels transiting at-risk zones. In an attempt to clarify this emerging industry, we have begun to map the field, examining c...
Eugene Kontorovich
January 01, 2012

The Penalties for Piracy

The prosecution of Somali pirates has gone global. Today, ten nations on four continents have convicted Somalis who were involved in the epidemic of piracy and armed robbery at sea which began in 2008, and at least six other nations have cases pending.