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August 21, 2018

Does Focusing on Victimhood Perpetuate Conflict?

In creating an international day for victims of terrorism, the UN emphasizes “the important role of victims in countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism.” But what if its emphasis on the word victim deepens conflict and makes peace less likely? The focus should be on agency and empowerme...
August 20, 2018

Violence and Votes: Do Coups Follow Coups?

This is the fourth post in a five-part, weekly series on elections in dictatorships. Visit our CoupCast site for information about our REIGN database and previous commentary on coups d’état.
April 08, 2018

The Last Partition in Europe: What Does Leadership Change Mean for Cyprus?

Although a Cypriot solution negotiated by Greek and Turkish Cypriots may seem virtually impossible. The reelection in February 2018 of Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades who along with his Turkish Cypriot counterpart, Mustafa Akınc, has been a longtime proponent of reunification under a bizonal...
April 08, 2018

Supply More Helicopters: Making UN Peacekeeping More Effective

From facilitating troop mobilty and rapid reaction, to surveillance, medical evacuation, and logistical support, helicopters play a crucial role in UN Peacekeeping missions. Despite the increasing dependence on helicopters, the UN does not have the necessary numbers.
April 07, 2018

Recruiting Jihadist Militants: A Changing Dynamic

The nature of jihadist recruiting has changed. Utilizing data on jihadist fighters coming from Turkey, Güneş Murat Tezcür and I find that the individuals who join Islamic organizations lack the theological training and political activism prevalent in recruits from past jihadi conflicts.