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David Schoeller-Diaz
February 08, 2016

Is A New Political Tide Rising in South America?

Leftist democratic victories at the turn of the century, known as the “Pink Tide,” have been floundering with recent high-stake elections across South America, though the winners are hard to classify.
Jon Bellish
July 05, 2015

Do Beliefs Cause Conflict?

The study of individual beliefs and belief systems may have the potential to provide valuable insights into the drivers of many conflicts. But conflict prevention that is not systematic, self-critical and acknowledging of all of the other elements that may spawn conflict, has the potential to devolv...
Jon Bellish
June 01, 2015

Ruth DeFries: Peace and the Environment

Promoting peace and human security on our planet will require us to overcome a multitude of obstacles, maintaining environmental sustainability not least among them.
Jon Bellish
Conor Seyle
May 05, 2015

From "Reduced War" to "Beyond War"

There are many questions we need to wrestle with if we want to seriously take on achieving a world beyond war. These are the central questions OEF asked a forum of global thought leaders to deliberate.
May 01, 2015

Why & How You Should Be Analyzing Your Networks

Any global development strategy benefits from collaboration, especially when dealing with issues of considerable complexity and scale. In this post, we discuss social network analysis (SNA) - a useful and adaptable research and evaluation method that can be used by non-profit organizations to assess...
Jay Benson
April 28, 2015

Blood Teak: Natural Resources Competition in Myanmar

If Myanmar’s government would need no pretext to roll back national political reforms, why might minority groups cause any provocation with escalating violence? OEF Research Jay Benson wrote this blog on the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat.