Partnership with the Colinas Community



Main Facts About the Partnership


Colinas Hamlet Community

Multiactive Cooperative Ecomún Jaime Pardo Leal (COOJAPAL)

Colombian Amazonía Multiactive Cooperative (COOMACOL)

Supported by:

Universidad de Los Llanos


USD $4,084.00


1 year


27 people

Overview of the Partnership

Through this collaborative commercial partnership participants at the Rural Alternative School (ERA) in San Jose del Guaviare sell organic feed for animals to the community around the Colinas hamlet and to the cooperatives COOJAPAL and COOAMACOL.

Participants at this ERA take advantage of raw materials cultivated locally to produce their own organic feed for the fish they rear for selling and for their own consumption. As they don’t depend on the purchase of external industrial products, they reduce costs in their fish production. They are also able to offer a better quality and environmentally friendly product. PASO Colombia has supported this project donating machines for production and giving permanent technical assistance in partnership with the Universidad de los Llanos and SENA.

The inhabitants of the Colinas hamlet, neighbors of the settlement where this ERA is located, showed interest in buying the feed and promoting it voice to voice among their community. The Cooperatives to which the ERA participants belong also showed interest in buying the feed for other breeding projects they have, like pig breeding, poultry and fish rearing.

This is how, whit PASO Colombia support, ERA Participants have raised their production and stablished commercial partnerships with their surrounding communities and cooperatives, securing sales for 680kg of feed between the second semester of 2019 and the first semester of 2020.