Migrants: Prosperity and employment

en la frontera colombo-venezolana
Migrants: Prosperity and Employment on the Colombian-Venezuelan Border
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Recognizing the migratory problems that the country has faced in recent years and the agricultural potential in border territory, we have developed two projects that contribute beyond humanitarian assistance, strengthening productive capacities in a collaborative effort between Venezuelans and the vulnerable Colombian population.

These projects are developed in Saravena, Fortul, Tame, and Arauquita municipalities of the Arauca department. They also have key partners such as the IDB Lab, the Aid Live Foundation, UNICEF, International Red Cross, Digisalud, Saravena City Hall, Fedecacao, AgroPaz, COOPCACAO, International Organization for Migration, Border Management, Save The Children, Concentration for Rural Development School, La Salle University and Interinstitutional Group on Mixed Migratory Flows.


Addressing Migration And Value Chains In The Arauca Region Since 2021, this project generates opportunities for socio-economic inclusion and employment for the vulnerable local population and Venezuelan migrants.


ERA of Brotherhood In the municipality of Saravena, this ERA was created to strengthen collaboration between the migrant and vulnerable population of the border, through training, agricultural activities, and food for children.