Flor Alba Quevedo, a Story Beyond Coca Farming

Learn about the story of Flor Quevedo, a participant in the Guaviare Peace Network, who, by marketing agricultural products from families that have moved away from growing coca, is working to strengthen family ties and rural economies.

We are pleased to share the article published by Radio Nacional de Colombia, highlighting Flor Quevedo and her community efforts aimed at revitalizing agricultural economies in Guaviare. Flor, known for her strong leadership, is currently dedicated to promoting the marketing of agricultural products produced by families who have transitioned away from coca farming. Along this path, she has identified the family issues that the coca economy causes in the community, and through the COOMFASOL cooperative - created as part of the Contingency Plan - she promotes the involvement of women in leadership roles.

"I am convinced that we can contribute to peacebuilding every day," says Flor, who is also part of the Guaviare Peace Network.

Find the full article here (Spanish version).