PASO Organizes Dialogue on Restorative Justice with the United States Institute of Peace in Cali

Carl Stauffer, an expert in reconciliation from the United States Institute of Peace, held a meeting in Cali to discuss restorative justice and its contributions to the sustainability of the peace process with ex-combatants, representatives of public institutions in the department, and members of social organizations.

PASO COLOMBIA, following the invitation of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), organized an event in Cali with Carl Stauffer, USIP reconciliation expert, to open a space for dialogue on the processes of transitional and restorative justice. Representatives from different public institutions participated in the day, as well as members of cooperatives and social organizations, and ex-combatants. The talk addressed the particularities of restorative justice, exploring some cases that have occurred in Colombia and recognizing other examples of social justice that have existed in the world, as a path to the sustainability of the peace process in our country.

After the signing of the Peace Agreement in Colombia, multiple questions arose that, due to their sensitivity, did not bring a definitive answer. The processes of reincorporation, reconciliation, and reparation are especially emotional, with legislative frameworks that go hand in hand with the society that decides to build itself from peace, and always with uncertainties along the way. After years of fieldwork for the construction of sustainable peace, PASO Colombia has sought spaces for dialogue and exchange of knowledge in different areas, to contribute to the changes that the country seeks to achieve through peace.

For this purpose, PASO recognizes the work developed by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) as a nonpartisan and independent institute that works with several research tools, dialogue between different actors, and training to demonstrate that a world without violent conflicts it's possible.