Rural Alternative School of Anorí, Antioquia


In the mountains of Anorí, Antioquia, a community of ex-combatants forges its reincorporation path with support from the ERA. Through the brand Miel y Esencias de la Montaña, the cooperative COOMULDESNA has incorporated tropical forest preservation and the protection of the surrounding biogeographic Chocó within its economic proposals. They have also interconnected productive units and are working to extend the obtained social and economic benefits to the whole community.

Miel de la Montaña

The processing of Miel de la Montaña involves the work of 18 ex-combatants who adapted Western honeybee harvesting processes to improve production conditions in the mountains surrounding the Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space (ETCR) of La Plancha. With the support of PASO Colombia, the University of Antioquia, the Red Cross, and the National Learning Service (SENA), the beekeeping project established its own carpentry workshop, created hive boxes adapted to the terrain and species, and now they are implementing new tools to process different hive components and thus diversify the brand’s product range.

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Esencias de la Montaña

Esencias de la Montaña is a project created by the Gender Committee of the ETCR La Plancha aimed at promoting economic opportunities for women, regardless of whether they are ex-combatants. Through knowledge exchange, the use of local plants, and the recognition of the campesino (rural peasant) origin of ex-combatant women and men, Esencias de la Montaña is conceived as a brand of care, health, and wellness products based on medicinal plants and other natural elements.

The project has also strengthened the reincorporation process by building relationships with other rural women in the area, promoting the exchange of experiences through practical workshops and daily training on environmental conservation, and encouraging the use of local resources.

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Currently, PASO Colombia’s work in the ERA of Anorí is focused on strengthening these productive units through technical assistance, communications support, and the identification of new commercialization opportunities.


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