Rural Alternative School of Guapi, Cauca

Guapi colombian re-integration river

The Rural Alternative School of Guapi is located in the middle of a wet forest, defined by its swamps and the current of the Guapi river over the Colombian Pacific. Residents, a group of ex-combatants in the process of reincorporation, and representatives from local institutions work together to drive projects that contribute to the municipality’s development.

A New Reincorporation Area (NRA) was established in Guapi with people from other ETCRs in the department of Cauca who decided to move back to their hometowns, reengage with family members, and support a region where it is still difficult to overcome the country’s social and armed conflicts. Land near the Juan Casiano Solís Airport was managed with the support of the National Training Service (SENA), the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, the Social Pastoral Service, and the World Food Program (WFP). 20 members of the Ecomún Multiactiva Guapi Cooperative have received tools, training and technical assistance to adapt the space, construct infrastructures, farm bananas, pineapples, corn, beans and lemons, and raise minor species to help overcome the meat deficit in the area. The area has access to land and rivers, which lowers product transportation costs.

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