Cynda Collins Arsenault

Co-Founder/Board Member

Cynda Collins Arsenault is a Co-Founder and Board Member of One Earth Future and the Arsenault Family Foundation. She is also co-founder and President of Secure World Foundation an operating foundation promoting cooperative solutions for the secure and sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of humanity.  She has 45+ years of experience in non-profit work including peace and justice, criminal justice, mental health, disability rights and environmental issues.

In her personal philanthropy she focuses on bringing women’s critical skills to the table for solving the difficult problems we face, with a particular focus on women, peace and security. She helped establish and works with OEF’s Our Secure Future program.  She is a member of the Women's Donor Network, Women Moving Millions and The International Women’s Forum.  She is the founder of Women Powering Change, an annual gathering of women working to create a better world.

Collins Arsenault received her BA in Sociology and Psychology at University of California Berkeley and her MA in Education from Colorado State University.

Cynda Collins Arsenault

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