UN75 Global Governance Forum Post-Event Summary

The UN75 Global Governance Forum is Over, But the Conversation Continues!

This global conversation on the critical role of international cooperation in addressing the world’s increasingly complex problems was attended virtually by more than 3,500 people!  Check out a few of the ideas and innovative strategies fostered for effectively navigating the challenges of... more

Rural fish farming in rural Colombia

Op-ed: Philanthropy’s Role in the Missing Global Architecture

OEF Founder and CEO, Marcel Arsenault discusses the promise of the United Nations over the last 75 years and how philanthropy has a role to play in building a global system for designing, implementing and updating a multitude of plans to tackle the world's most complex and interconnected... more

UN 75 Webinar

UN75 Peace & Security Innovations Webinar

This webinar was part of an ongoing series of e-consultations, partnership discussions, and engagement with UN figures and experts around the world in preparation for the upcoming UN 75 Global Governance Forum.

Heatmap Piracy 10 years

Maritime Piracy Report Identifies Constantly Evolving Threat Requiring International and Inter-Agency Cooperation to Reduce Human Cost

What OEF teams have helped experts learn about countering piracy in the last decade.

Evidence Based Peace Building

New Survey Aims to Develop a Unified Understanding of Evidence-Based Practice in Peacebuilding

A new survey is asking participants in the peacebuilding field to give their opinion of evidence-based practice in peacebuilding. People who identify as peacebuilding professionals are encouraged to take the survey and forward it to other practitioners in the field.

Somali company manufactures egg cartons from waste paper

AADCO Paper Factory: Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Somali Business Sector

Employing over 50 staff members, one third of which are female, AADCO manufactures a range of paper products, but in an innovative push into environment-friendly entrepreneurship, the company also recently started the first recycling initiative of its kind in Somaliland.

Global Fragility Act report recommendations

Recommendations for Implementing the Global Fragility Act

Today’s violent conflicts are much more complex and protracted, and traditional development assistance and diplomacy have not kept pace. The status quo is not working.

Experts on Destruction of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office

Expert Commentary on Current Tensions Following the Destruction of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office

The risk of escalation on the Korean Peninsula is currently at a high point. Open Nuclear Network (ONN) has asked a number of renowned experts to share their views on the current tensions following the destruction of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office.