Indonesia’s Disappearing Coral Reefs

By understanding and addressing human-induced threats to the coral reefs, Indonesia can revitalize and sustain coastal economies.

Rough Seas: The Causes And Consequences Of Fisheries Conflict In Somali Waters

Rough Seas: The Causes and Consequences of Fisheries Conflict in Somali Waters explores the frequency, intensity, and drivers of fisheries conflict in Somali waters between 1990 and 2018.

Coastal maritime insecurity and political protest in Lebanon

Anti-government protests erupted across Lebanon in October 2019.

Climate change in Nigeria

Climate change is a global crisis which will affect every country on earth, though some countries are going to feel its influence sooner than others. One of those such countries is Nigeria.

International Elections and Leaders: December 2019 Update

Papua New Guinea concluded its Bougainville independence referendum on December 7. The United Kingdom will hold a parliamentary election on December 12. And Guinea-Bissau will hold a second-round presidential election on December 29.

Threats Along the Sulu Sea: Exploring the Land-Sea Nexus

The recent series of kidnappings along the Sulu Sea raises concerns for the security forces in the region.

Is Blockchain an Answer to Enterprise Development in Fragile States?

OEF Research examines how blockchain can be particularly useful to enterprises in fragile and conflict-affected states, helping them overcome their lack of 20th century legacy systems and allowing them to leapfrog into the 21st century.


A new report by OEF Research reviews a dozen case studies of business engagement in peacebuilding across a variety of private sector actors, strategies, and time.