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Tianran Xu
June 29, 2023

Size Estimates of DPRK's Nuclear Devices

The DPRK nuclear warheads showcased before 2023 have a maximum diameter of around 600 mm and were likely intended to be delivered by ballistic missiles. The Hwasan-31 nuclear warhead, newly revealed in late March 2023, has a reduced diameter of around 460 mm, suggesting advances in miniaturization. ...
Juan Fernando Lucio
June 21,2023

A Different Approach to the Reincorporation of Ex-Combatants

The Case of PASO Colombia
Juan Fernando Lucio, director of PASO, published an article in IntechOpen with his reflections on the reincorporation perspective adopted in the Havana Agreement (2016), and introduces the model developed by PASO to enhance collective economic reincorporation. Lucio offers lessons learned that could...
Juan Fernando Lucio
June 21,2023

Una aproximación diferente a la reincorporación de excombatientes

El caso de PASO Colombia
Juan Fernando Lucio, director de PASO, publicó un artículo en IntechOpen donde reflexiona sobre la perspectiva de reincorporación del Acuerdo de La Habana (2016), e introduce el modelo de PASO para apoyar la reincorporación económica colectiva. Lucio ofrece las lecciones aprendidas que podrían contr...
June 16, 2023

ONN Statement on Evgeny Buzhinskiy’s Removal from Engagement Network

The One Earth Future Foundation is committed to preventing armed conflict and promoting stability. We expect our associates to uphold key principles of international humanitarian law, which protects civilians in wartime. In upholding this commitment and in light of the recent events, Open Nuclear Ne...
Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo
May 23, 2023

Con apoyo del PNUD, excombatientes exportarán su café a Europa

18 firmantes de paz, pertenecientes a la cooperativa multiactiva Coomulnes, sellaron su alianza comercial con la empresa Café Costal Campesino el pasado jueves 18 de mayo en Bogotá, la cual les permitirá exportar una tonelada de café pergamino mensual a España.