Tianran Xu for 38 North: ''HGV Unproven at IRBM Ranges: Analysis of the April 2 Hwasong-16Na Hypersonic Missile Test''

ONN Analyst Tianran Xu's publication for 38 North examines the DPRK's recent hypersonic missile tests, particularly focusing on the performance and characteristics of two types of hypersonic glide vehicles (HGVs) tested by North Korea since September 2021.

The first type is a conical-shaped HGV, which has been tested three times, and the second type is a wedge-shaped HGV, which has been tested twice, including the most recent test on April 2, 2024. The article examines the flight characteristics, reported ranges, and potential capabilities of these HGVs based on data from DPRK state media and reports from the Japanese and ROK governments. While DPRK has made progress in its development of hypersonic missile technology, particularly with the testing of HGVs, further testing and development are needed before these systems can be considered fully operational at IRBM ranges.