COOMFASOL's work in the rural farmer’s economy of the region is highlighted with the Order of the Flower of Guaviare

The Mayor's Office of San José del Guaviare awarded a recognition to Flor Alba Quevedo, as representative of the cooperative COOMFASOL, for her outstanding work in support of the campesino’s economy in the region.


Among them, it is worth mentioning that thanks to the organizational work led by COOMFASOL, Municipal Agreement No. 003 was issued, which institutionalized the farmer’s markets in the municipality of San José del Guaviare. This commercial space has allowed campesinos from nearby villages to organize themselves and bring their production to be sold in the departmental capital every month.


Besides thanking the support received and the municipal administration, Flor extended an invitation to "continue accompanying the campesinos' markets. And promote the circular economy, buy what is ours, and support the producer with the possibility and confidence to continue producing sustainably."