Addressing Migration And Value Chains In The Arauca Region

Recorrido por las colmenas con estudiantes

Since 2021, PASO Colombia has been working with the IDB Lab on the project Addressing Migration and Value Chains in Arauca, which has as its objective to generate opportunities for socio-economic inclusion and employment for the vulnerable local population and Venezuelan migrants. The project focuses on the Arauca region and strengthening the cocoa, sacha inchi and beekeeping production chains.

From our experience in different parts of the country, we bring to this project one of our learnings: by increasing the productivity and sales of these agricultural lines, training the people linked to each initiative, the economy of the region will grow. In this way, we contribute to creating a cross-border synergy, in which the benefits of a well-trained workforce and agricultural production will expand not only on the Colombian side but also in the neighboring country.

This Project under development includes:

•    Training of migrants and returnees in agricultural processes to improve their employability.
•    Strengthening peasant associations, cooperatives and small producers.
•    Inclusion of traceability methodologies and technologies for the agricultural sector, which allow better quality and prices, as well as a constant offer of products from the area.