Rural Alternative School of Arauquita, Arauca

Arauquita Colombian Reintegration School

Ex-combatants in the process of reincorporation at the Filipinas Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space, together with the Agricultural Cooperative for Peace (AGROPAZ), focus on farming sacha inchi and transforming crops to produce a wider range of products. The Rural Alternative School of Arauquita was founded to assist with this undertaking.

The AGROPAZ project uses sacha inchi to produce extra-virgin oil, nuts, cocoa-covered nuts and flour. The ERA contributed by establishing a biofactory to transition crops to organic production, improving crop quality and lowering production costs. In addition, a garden to grow beans, corn and other items was built to provide participants with food self-sufficiency. To get local peasants involved with the ERA, excess food resulting from agricultural production will be sold at a fair price to families in the community, stimulating better nutrition and fair trade in the area.

In addition, a fish farming project was established with the assistance of University of Los Llanos (Unillanos), which has worked with PASO Colombia in other ERAs in the country. The Unillanos team includes experts in seeding, breeding, and producing concentrated fish feed. Therefore, the fish farming project has benefited from training sessions and machinery that reduce production costs and improve fish quality, allowing the ERA to produce a better final product for the end consumer

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