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May 06, 2024

The Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Fisheries Management

Artificial intelligence—specifically, machine learning—is beginning to play a significant role in fisheries management for capturing a proliferation of data, analyzing data, and conducting advanced computations, as well as processing natural language, recognizing patterns, and making predictive anal...
Saddam M. Ahmed - Communications and Visibility Specialist
August 24, 2023

Reviving Hope Through Skill: A Tale of Community Transformation

In the heart of the Bulahar fishing community, a transformation was underway, fueled by the determination of individuals like Khalid Hassan. Khalid's journey from a community member to a skilled mechanic unfolded, marking a turning point for his community and their relationship with the sea.
November 10, 2021

Connecting a Sustainable Planet to Sustainable Peace

As we work to create a sustainable planet, we must equally prioritize sustainable peace. Our work in Somali fishing communities has shed light on ways science and natural resource conservation come together to reduce conflict and build community and environmental resilience. 
September 07, 2021

Coastal Catch Up: Progress on Project Kalluun

Secure Fisheries Project Kalluun, a partnership with four Somali universities and Somali fisheries ministries, aims to enhance fisheries data collection throughout the region and train the next generation of Somali marine scientists. As participants in the project, students gain training from Secure...
March 30, 2021

Building Community

Community work involves more than physical presence and specialized expertise. Join Oregon State University graduate student, Ashley Peiffer, in exploring what it means to build meaningful relationships that inspire community-led projects and how research with Secure Fisheries illuminates both perso...
January 10, 2021

The Future of Fishing: The Greatest Challenges Facing Somali Fishers

When fisheries are managed effectively and fairly, there is less competition over resources, less food waste, more economic opportunity, and therefore, fewer drivers of conflict. Secure Fisheries is working to combat the challenges surrounding the fishing industry, from overfishing and illegal fishi...
December 28, 2020

The Power of Partnership: Future of Fish + One Earth Future

When it comes to tackling the social and environmental issues of our time, no one organization has all the expertise and capacity needed to solve these complex challenges alone. But together, we can move mountains—or, in the case of fisheries, turn the tide.
September 02, 2020

Somali Women Netting a Profit

Nets are crucial to fishing - so training and promoting women in net-making and mending in local fishing communities. Secure Fisheries follows up with two women who attended a net-making workshop in Bander Beyla.
August 18, 2020

Hoggaaminta Xog Ururin Kalluumaysi oo Soomaaliya Anficidoonta Mustaqbalka

Siddeed iyo toban qof oo Soomaali ah, oo isugu jira shaqaale Wasaaradaha Kalluumaysiga (heer Federaal iyo heer Dowlad Gobboleed) iyo xog ururiyayaal iyaga la shaqeeya, ayaa hoggaaminaya mashruuc xog ururin ah oo kalluumeysiga ah - waana kii ugu horreeyay ee noociisa ah tan iyo dagaalkii sokeeye ee w...