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North Korea, mixing pleas and provocation, asks for food aid while hinting at rocket launch

“The challenge is that both space launch vehicles and ICBMs are there — we can’t tell what is being loaded into vehicles,” said Melissa Hanham, a nuclear expert at the One Earth Future Foundation. 

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North Korea: Satellite Footage Shows Activity On Rocket Site The Week Before Hanoi Summit Failure

Melissa Hanham, a North Korea expert with the One Earth Future Foundation, said the increase in activity at the site shows that the two countries are “moving farther apart rather than closer,” with regards to nuclear talks.

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Activity At 2nd North Korean Missile Site Indicates Possible Launch Preparations

"According to Planet imagery, I can definitely say the train has left the station," says Melissa Hanham, a North Korea expert with the One Earth Future Foundation. "But I can't unfortunately use X-ray vision to see what's on the train and tell whether it's a civilian space launch vehicle or a military ICBM."

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North Korea must give up all nuclear weapons before any sanctions relief, says US

“The fact that both facilities are active at the same time suggests that there are preparations for a new launch, but it is impossible to tell what they are going to launch,” said Melissa Hanham, a North Korea expert at the One Earth Future foundation.

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No coups occurred in 2018. Will next year be so stable?

Africans are 10 percent more likely to live through a coup than people in other parts of the globe, CoupCast data shows.

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Illegal Fishing Can Lead to Conflict in Somalia

While Somalia has seen decline in piracy over recent years, illegal fishing has increased. And it’s not a minor problem. “There is a connection between illegal fishing and conflict in the area”, said Senior Program Manager Robert Mazurek from Secure Fisheries, a project of One Earth Future Foundations, while opening the workshop on Vessel Identification and Evidence Collection Related to Fisheries Crimes on 18 November in Mogadishu.

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Pirates Attack LNG Carrier in Gulf of Guinea

Piracy is unfortunately common in the Gulf of Guinea, especially off the coast of the Niger River Delta. Kidnap-for-ransom is the most common type of attack, and according to Oceans Beyond Piracy, 100 seafarers were kidnapped in the waters off the Gulf of Guinea last year.

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Pirates Abduct Eleven from Container Ship

According to Oceans Beyond Piracy, 100 seafarers were kidnapped in the waters off the Gulf of Guinea last year.

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The Risks in Somalia’s Growing Mobile Money Market

Victor Odundo Owuor, Senior Research Associate-One Earth Future Foundation, University of Colorado A recent World Bank report showed that Somalia has one of the most active mobile money markets in the world, outpacing most other countries in Africa. It’s even superseded the use of cash in the country of 14 million people. Victor Owuor asked Tim Kelly, an information and communications technology policy specialist at the World Bank and the report’s author, to explain the findings and what they mean for the country.

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The Cost of Modern-Day Piracy

According to the eighth annual report of Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), produced by the US-based One Earth Future organisation, there were 321 piracy incidents around the world last year and 5000 seafarers affected, with 17 crew members killed in Asia and two killed off West Africa.

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