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Peace Initiatives in Colombia

Director of OEF's PASO Colombia program, Juan Fernando Lucio, is interviewed about a study produced by Universidad de los Andes and PASO Colombia, analyzing over 1,900 civil society peace initiatives in Colombia.

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Armed Attacks on Ships in West Africa Rise: Report

"One of the reasons we are observing increased incidents of kidnap for ransom is that the model offers financial gain with less risk to the perpetrators than hijacking for cargo theft," said Maisie Pigeon, one of the authors of Oceans Beyond Piracy's State of Maritime Piracy report.

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Voice of America

Report: Declining Deterrence Gives Somali Pirates a Lifeline

The report by OEF's Oceans Beyond Piracy program says that after several years of decreased pirate activity, ships are sailing closer to shore and the number of naval vessels patrolling the waters near Somalia has dropped.

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Somali Pirates Hijack Third Vessel in Less Than a Month

Addressing the situation after the second attack, Oceans Beyond Piracy warned: “This attack shows that Somali pirates still possess the capability and intent to capture vessels. Additionally tensions in coastal communities about illegal fishing in Somali waters continue to escalate. At the same time vessels are transiting closer to shore, with low freeboard and at slow speeds are granting pirates access to vulnerable vessels."

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Crew released without ransom after ship hijacked off Somalia

The Puntland Maritime Police Force, a locally recruited counter-piracy force, exchanged gunfire with the pirates while they were resupplying the Aris 13, according to a statement by non-profit organization Oceans Beyond Piracy.

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Somali Pirates Back on the Radar

The first successful attack by Somali pirates since 2012 came as little surprise to John Steed of Oceans Beyond Piracy.

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Somali pirates hijack first commercial ship in 5 years

"Concerns about a potential resurgence of piracy are exacerbated by the drop in international naval force levels, the shipping industry's desire to return historic shipping patterns, and the reduction in armed guards on vessels in the High Risk Area," Oceans Beyond Piracy said in a report published January.

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Longer Lifespans Tied to Notable Social Changes

A new study on life expectancy predicts that people will be living even longer in some countries. OEF Research's Fellow on Evolution and Governance weighed in on some implications of longer lifespans, based on his previous study.

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Mer et Marine

OBP's Associate Director Interviewed in Mer et Marine

The work of Oceans Beyond Piracy is profiled in this interview with Associate Director Jérôme Michelet, who talked about OBP's role in analyzing piracy, intensifying dialogue among stakeholders, and negotiating the release of hostages. Read more in the English version here

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OEF's President on Building Peace in Colombia

During a recent trip to Colombia, OEF President Larry Sampler responded to questions from El País, one of Colombia’s largest newspapers. The resulting Q & A provides Larry’s insights on attaining sustainable peace after prolonged conflict and on how OEF’s PASO Colombia program is working with communities to build peace at the territorial level. The article is in Spanish and available here.