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Pirates Kidnap Nine From Norwegian Ship Off Benin

Several abductions have been reported in the Gulf of Guinea in recent months, including eight crew members taken from a German-owned vessel off Cameroon in August, and 10 Turkish sailors off the coast of Nigeria in July.

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Mobile-based Lending Is Huge In Kenya: But There's A Downside Too

Over the past 10 years mobile-based lending has grown in Kenya. Some estimates put the number of mobile lending platforms at 49. The industry is largely unregulated but includes major financial players. Banks such as Kenya Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, Equity Bank and Coop Bank offer instant mobile loans.

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N. Korea Builds Leverage, Demonstrates Threat, With Likely Submarine Launch

“I hope this will at minimum reacquaint the substantive negotiators with their counterparts and perhaps lead to some actionable leads,” says Melissa Hanham, a weapons expert and deputy director at the Open Nuclear Network. “Any substantive working-level talks are good. Diplomacy is like a muscle and it needs exercise.”

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Iran's Hard-Liners May Try To Scuttle Possibility Of Talks With U.S.

[Laura] Rockwood says it's not far-fetched to imagine the military carrying out the attack on Saudi Arabia with an eye toward making sure Rouhani and Zarif have no chance politically to reengage in talks with the U.S.

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The Future Of Philippine Maritime Enforcement

To facilitate communication between stakeholders and to further develop the Philippines’ maritime enforcement capabilities, the Stable Seas program of the One Earth Future Foundation and the Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation invited Philippine policymakers to a two-day workshop in June 2019. This workshop, which stems from the recently-released Sulu and Celebes Seas maritime security report, seeks to examine how the report’s findings could be transformed into policy impact.

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More Research Needed On Piracy In Asia

This is accompanied by the rise of NGOs such as the self-funded One Earth Future Foundation, which is now working in Asia on a Bay of Bengal maritime security report and a “Maritime Security Index” by expanding its focus beyond Africa. These initiatives follow the release of an in-depth report on the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas and a maritime policy workshop earlier this year.

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Africa's Blue Economy: Five Nations Poised For Growth

And there appears to be plenty of room for sustainable growth, according to the One Earth Future Stable Seas Maritime Security Index, as long as the focus switches from top-of-the-food-chain fish, such as sharks, tuna and marlin, and concentrates on the smaller pelagic fish, like the Indian oil sardine.

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Explained: What's Behind The Revived Dispute Between Philippines And Malaysia Over Sabah?

According to a report on security in the region by American NGO One Earth Future, Sabah is home to 35 per cent of Malaysia's 3.3 million non-citizens, including a substantial Filipino diaspora.

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If the Women, Peace and Security Agenda Is To Be More Than Words, Congress Must Stay Engaged

Congress at no other time could draw on such a high number of women leaders who have active combat experience. To harness this bipartisan expertise of female and male lawmakers who often serve on committees with unrelated jurisdiction, congressional leaders should immediately create a bipartisan Women, Peace and Security Caucus.

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Troubled Waters: Piracy And Maritime Security In Southeast Asia

Piracy is as old as seafaring itself and some of the world’s hotspots for pirate attacks are also the main trade routes for global oil transportation. From the Straits of Malacca and Singapore to the South China Sea and beyond, who are the pirates of Southeast Asia and what do they want?

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