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About Us

OEF is an organization which leads initiatives aimed at improving systems and services that prevent and stop armed conflict.

Our Programs

We currently have three programs: Oceans Beyond Piracy, Shuraako, and Responsibility to Protect and Business.


Research and Development at One Earth Future explores key elements of our “Peace through Governance” argument while producing policy-relevant research for a rapidly changing world.

News and Events
News and Events

Updates on new One Earth Future papers, discussions, and other announcements.

Our Work

OEF provides active operational, research, and strategic support. 

Our programs focus deeply on complex problems and create constructive alternatives to violent conflict.

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Somali Investment Forum

Shuraako hosts the Somali Investment Forum

In March 2015, OEF's program Shuraako co-hosts the Somali Investment Forum with the US Embassy in order to make investment deals and discuss investing in Somalia. The event will convene entrepreneurs, investors, business development and sector experts.

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Is the World Falling Apart?

Is world violence up or down?
You wouldn't think it to read the headlines, but we've never lived in such peaceful times. Steven Pinker and OEF Fellow Andrew Mack co-authored an article in Slate to provide some evidence-based perspective.