About Us
About Us

The One Earth Future Foundation (OEF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007. Learn more about our mission and staff.

Our Projects

As part of our mission, One Earth Future manages a variety of implementation projects focused on the idea that good governance will help avert or mitigate armed conflict. Learn more our projects.


Research and Development at One Earth Future explores key elements of our “Peace through Governance” argument while producing policy-relevant research for a rapidly changing world.

News and Events

Updates on new One Earth Future papers, discussions, and other announcements.

Our Vision

OEF'S VISION IS A WORLD WITHOUT WAR, achieved by the development of new and effective systems of cooperation, coordination, and decision making, i.e. "governance".  We believe that states cannot solve global conflicts on their own. Business and civil society have an important role to play in filling governance gaps, in partnership with states.  More...

Featured Publication

OEF'S 2013  ANNUAL REPORT highlights the work of Core Knowledge, Oceans Beyond Piracy, Shuraako, and Business and R2P.  The report also offers a preview of where each program is headed as the organization works to achieve new and inclusive forms of governance through multi-stakeholder collaboration and contributions to research literature. More...


OEF co-hosted a workshop series in partnership with the journal, Global Governance, and United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan to investigate what happens in areas characterized by a weak central state and strong non-state organizations and systems of decision making. More...