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The One Earth Future Foundation is a self-funded private operating foundation that seeks to create a more peaceful world through collaborative, data-driven initiatives. 

Conflict Prevention Programs

The Foundation currently supports five main programs: Oceans Beyond Piracy, Secure Fisheries, Shuraako, PASO Colombia, and OEF Research.

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Using Data to Predict Political Instability

Forecasting for peace
At this year's Peace Science Society meeting, OEF's Research Associate leads workshops on predicting future political instability.

Peace Expert Erica Chenoweth Joins OEF Research

Erica Chenoweth discusses noviolence and peace
OEF is pleased to announce that Dr. Erica Chenoweth has joined its Research program as a Fellow. 

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OEF Releases its 2015 Annual Report

One Earth Future Annual Report 2015

One Earth Future's 2015 Annual Report highlights activities over the past year and a preview of future plans for each of its programs.

OEF's Secure Fisheries Coordinates for Safe Ocean Network

Department of State Safe Ocean Network
OEF's Secure Fisheries program coordinated with the Department of State and UNODC to develop pilot plans for the Safe Ocean Network. 

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Colombia's Opportunity for Sustainable Peace

OEF Forum 2014 Report
OEF's PASO Colombia program puts into context the recent bilateral cease-fire that ended 56 years of conflict in the country.

OEF Study: What Happens When Glass Ceilings Shatter

Hillary Clinton glass ceiling
If Hillary Clinton shatters that highest, hardest glass ceiling, what does that mean for U.S. women's representation in legislature?

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