Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership Facilitation

Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership Facilitation

Programs & Projects
Peacebuilding Area
June 08,2022

Al Nur Mixed Farming

In 2019, Al Nur secured a third Shuraako-brokered investment through the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund to increase land utilization with the purchase of two hectares of land for fodder use, drilling of 200-meter borehole complete with irrigation system, a date dehydration machine, and tra...
May 16,2022

Al Baraka Mixed Farm

Al Baraka Mixed Farm (“Al Baraka”; “the Farm”) is a commercial farm producing vegetables, fruit, and camel milk outside of Garowe. The Farm sources pesticides and insecticides locally, and its customers are local vendors in Garowe and surrounding cities.
May 12,2022

Baidoa Electric Company

Baidoa Electric Company (BEC) is the largest electricity provider in Baidoa, Somalia. The company was formed in 2012 by the merger of five smaller electricity companies who each supplied electricity to a different neighborhood in Baidoa.