Marcy Fowler Presents at the VCDNP's Workshop “Introduction to OSINT for Nuclear Professionals”

Marcy Fowler led a workshop titled “Introduction to OSINT for Nuclear Professionals” as part of the VCDNP's Young Women and Next Generation Initiative Mentorship Programme. The workshop included a case study presented by Elin Bergner.

The first workshop, titled “Introduction to OSINT for Nuclear Professionals” was organised over two days and delivered by Marcy Fowler, Research and Analysis Manager at Open Nuclear Network (ONN). It also featured a case study by Elin Bergner, former YWNGI mentee and now Research Assistant at ONN. The workshop addressed the basics of open-source intelligence (OSINT) and its application by international organisations, NGOs, and governments. It covered in detail media, image, and video analysis as a tool to  conduct fact-checking activities and dispel false information.

A part of the discussion was also devoted to artificial intelligence and the future of OSINT. Elin Berger presented the latest technological advancements, highlighting the challenges posed by the intersection between OSINT and AI as well as the unintended consequences of exposing information, including privacy concerns, social engineering, information warfare, security risks, and ethical dilemmas.