ONN Director Andreas Persbo Becomes Part of the International Gender Champions Vienna Hub

ONN Director Andreas Persbo has joined the International Gender Champions Vienna Hub leadership network that brings together decision-makers determined to break down gender barriers and make gender equality a working reality in their spheres of influence.

ONN Director Andreas Persbo joined the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP) leadership network in August 2023, following the lead of ONN’s Inaugural Director, Laura Rockwood. Now he is among the International Gender Champions (IGC) in Vienna Hub:

''Achieving gender equality is about unlocking the full potential of humanity. It is economically prudent; we cannot afford to sideline the talent and skills of half the population. It enriches us; Mediation practitioners often speak of women's insights, focusing on sustainable outcomes rather than territorial gains and lines on maps. That perspective changes the narrative in mediation efforts. Finally, and perhaps most fundamentally; I believe it is a moral imperative.''

Andreas supports the IGC Panel Parity Pledge and the IGC gender-based violence pledge. As a member of the network, Andreas must make commitments each year to advance gender equality at ONN or programmatic work. Andreas has decided to focus on the following two commitments:

  • I will establish two mentorship pairings focusing on strategic leadership and management skills to prepare them for candidacy for leadership roles: (1) one internal staff member with an established NGO leader, and (2) Andreas Persbo with 1-2 women external to our organization.
  • I will develop and propose a detailed plan for a cross-foundation project in collaboration with our partner foundation PAX sapiens, aimed at integrating UNSCR 1325 into fundraising and grant-making strategies within the peace and security sector, starting with our own activities.