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April 27, 2015

In UN Peacebuilding, Local Ownership Takes Backseat

Local ownership of peacebuilding activities makes sense in theory, but is rarely put into practice in UN peace operations. Guest author Sarah von Billerbeck explains more in this blog based on her talk at OEF Research's scholar-practitioner series at the UN.
Jon Bellish
March 05, 2015

Sanam Anderlini: Embracing Lessons for Nonviolence

Despite dealing daily with what might seem like uphill battles, Sanam Anderlini remains emphatically positive that with hard work and resources peace is possible. We agree. So how do we get there?
March 01, 2015

Is Civil Society a Double-Edged Sword?

There are competing perspectives about the role of civil society in weakly institutionalized democracies. At times, the destabilization caused by mass mobilization can seem challenging to democratic governance.
February 15, 2015

Containing Aggression or Falling Short? Assessing the UN Security Council

Amid a growing chorus of dissatisfaction with the UN Security Council’s inability to prevent armed conflict in places such as Syria and Crimea, OEF and ACUNS convened a discussion on how to fairly assess the Council and whether its current structure helps or hinders it from fulfilling its mission.
Lindsay Heger
January 15, 2015

Redrawing Our Strategy on Terror

If we allow our reaction to barbarism to be dictated on the fly and by the perpetrators themselves, we condemn the global community to ongoing terror. We need to think differently.
Conor Seyle
June 01, 2014

Business and the Third Pillar

The adoption of the “Responsibility to Protect” (RtoP) by the UN General Assembly marked what many people hoped would be a turning point in support for international action to stop mass atrocity crimes...but it has encountered many hurdles.
March 01, 2014

Peace Enforcement and Protection of Civilians in the DRC

On November 20th 2012, fighters from the M23 rebel movement streamed past UN peacekeepers into the city of Goma, the provincial capital of the DRC’s North Kivu province. Fighters looted homes, killed suspected rivals, committed unknown numbers of sexual assaults, injured hundreds of civilians and ca...