Sustainable Peace Is Possible

One Earth Future is an implementing partner specializing in sustainable solutions in fragile and conflict-affected settings. We work hand-in-hand with communities to eliminate the root causes of war.

Fish Market
Setellite Dishes
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Core Competencies

In 15 years incubating programs, OEF has developed best-in-class capacity in a range of competencies:

  • Design and management of innovative financial solutions

  • Public and private sector capacity building

  • Stakeholder engagement and partnership facilitation

  • Conflict risk modeling and analysis

  • Peace negotiation and diplomatic engagement

Our Achievements

Loans provided to small and medium-sized businesses in the Somali region
Increase in revenue from fishing products in the Somali region
National governments engaged in the UN’s Women, Peace, and Security Agenda
In agricultural goods sold by cooperatives and campesinos in Colombia

Impact Goals

OEF aims to achieve the following impact in the places we work:

  • Reduce all forms of armed conflict and transform attitudes and beliefs about its usefulness

  • Improve governance outcomes as experienced by citizens and communities

  • Enhance access to sustainable economic opportunities and finance, especially for women, youth and other marginalized groups

  • Empower governments and key decision makers to prevent and reverse the escalation of conflict



Paso Colombia

Facilitates sustainable peace by coordinating collaboration among rural peasant communities, ex-combatants, government, and business.


Fosters lasting peace and stability in Somalia by catalyzing small business investment for job creation and economic development.

Partner with us

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